6+ Reasons Leaders Need a Mentor

6+ Reasons Sales Leaders in Biotech and Diagnostics Need Mentors

A Good Mentor is Better Than All the Training in the World  While this title might sound somewhat provocative, and subject to serious discussion, there is an awful lot of support for the statement — both statistically and from individuals who have enjoyed the benefits of being mentored. Much is expected of employees in today’s workplace, and training is not …

Metrics You Need to Measure at MidYear

It’s Time For A Mid-Year Diagnostics Assessment of Your Recruiting Activities

Top Recruiting Metrics That Every Manager Should Have On Their Dashboard You’ve just entered the back half of the year, and whether it’s 2019 or 2030, it’s still time for a mid-year review of your recruiting metrics and how your team has fared since the beginning of the year.  Previously, our team created a list of the top hiring metrics …

3+ Great Ways to [Re]Start a Healthy Lifestyle | Men’s Health

On average, one in five men die before they have reached 65, five years younger than women, and at higher rates from nine of the top causes of death. Men are also less likely than women to be insured. All of this impacts their ability to be involved fathers, supportive partners, and engaged community members.

What Attracting and Recruiting the Right Candidates Mean to Your Organization’s Success

What Attracting and Recruiting the Right Candidates Mean to Your Organization’s Success

In an article written by a colleague, Marty Caldwell, titled Corporate Vision and How It Creates Sales Success, he reminds us how mission vision and values impact not only to sales but to all areas of an organization. Corporate Vision can also attract the right people to your organization. The phrase “Employer Branding” is getting used more often today. If you …


7 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Executive Search

Filling a high-level position requires an extensive use of time and resources for any company. Like many other fields, Clinical Research and Clinical Diagnostics require unique experiences that are specific to the industry in order to be successful. That is why it can be exceptionally frustrating when the person you hire still ends up being a poor fit for your …

6 Hiring Metrics Every Managers Should Have on Their Dashboard

6 Hiring Metrics Every Manager Should Have on Their Dashboard

6 Hiring Metrics Every manager Should Have on Their Dashboard Effective hiring is critical for a smooth running company. The way to know if what you are currently doing is working is by tracking metrics. Stay on top of these 6 critical measurements. They give you important insight into what is successful and what needs improvement. Candidate Quality Ratio This metric is also …

What's More Important: Sales or Technical Experience in Your Next Sales Hire

What’s More Important: Sales or Technical Experience in Your Next Sales Hire?

Making a hiring decision that addresses all needs of your business takes forethought, patience and insight. You may find yourself asking whether you should focus more on sales or technical experience throughout the process, but the truth is, both are integral to success. In fact, research shows that sales experience is more important long term, while technical expertise is more …