6+ Ways to Hire the Wrong Person

6+ Surefire Ways to Hire the Wrong Genetics or Oncology Sales Person – Genetics Recruiter

According to Forbes, the U.S. Department of Labor puts the cost of a bad hire at 30% of the hire’s annual salary. In his book, Topgrading, Dr. Bradford Smart estimates the cost of a mis-hire to be much higher than that of Forbes. On the other hand, McKinsey & Co. states that employing a top performer rather than an average performer …

10+ Diagnostic Metrics to Run on Recrutiinf and Talent Acquisition

10+ Metrics to Run Diagnostics on Your Recruiting Before Fourth Quarter

What do you use to measure success, improve process and keep score when recruiting great people to your team? While there has been little consensus to date around standard definitions, frameworks, roles, processes, and fair measurements of the sourcing function, the Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals (ATAP) released its first measurement standards in the fall of 2018. Their set of …

Conduct Background and Reference Checks Early

Diagnostic Recruiters Conduct BackGround and Reference Checks Early

This basic premise of the hiring process should be one of the first tasks performed, yet so many companies delay until the very end. Some hiring managers won’t even do this at all, let alone early. In fact, the Society of Human Resources Management says 22 percent of companies only check the backgrounds and references for certain candidates, while two …

6+ Reasons Leaders Need a Mentor

6+ Reasons Sales Leaders in Biotech and Diagnostics Need Mentors

A Good Mentor is Better Than All the Training in the World  While this title might sound somewhat provocative, and subject to serious discussion, there is an awful lot of support for the statement — both statistically and from individuals who have enjoyed the benefits of being mentored. Much is expected of employees in today’s workplace, and training is not …

Metrics You Need to Measure at MidYear

It’s Time For A Mid-Year Diagnostics Assessment of Your Recruiting Activities

Top Recruiting Metrics That Every Manager Should Have On Their Dashboard You’ve just entered the back half of the year, and whether it’s 2019 or 2030, it’s still time for a mid-year review of your recruiting metrics and how your team has fared since the beginning of the year.  Previously, our team created a list of the top hiring metrics …

7+ Ways of Breaking Out with Boldness

7+ Ways of Breaking Out with Boldness | Recruiter News

Boldness is the act of responding to a situation in a manner that may be viewed as daring to some yet truly is essential to most effectively address the issue at hand. To reach the upper echelons, you must reject there is any value in playing small, you must thrive under pressure, and you must dare to take big risks and create the actions others are just too afraid to attempt.

7+ Things Pros Do That Amateurs Will Not | Recruiting News

7+ Things Pros Do That Amateurs Will Not | Recruiting News

When one thinks of being a pro, our mind often turns to athletes who have reached the pinnacle of performance. By that definition, a professional is anyone who makes a living in a field where many are amateurs, and their work is characterized by reaching seemingly unattainable levels of performance while holding to the highest possible technical and ethical standards in that field.

6 Hiring Metrics Every Managers Should Have on Their Dashboard

6 Hiring Metrics Every Managers Should Have on Their Dashboard

6 Hiring Metrics Every manager Should Have on Their Dashboard Effective hiring is critical for a smooth running company. The way to know if what you are currently doing is working is by tracking metrics. Stay on top of these 6 critical measurements. They give you important insight into what is successful and what needs improvement. Candidate Quality Ratio This metric is also …