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How Do We Differentiate And Define Talent?
How Do We Avoid a “Mis-Hire”?


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Talent in today’s business environment is the catalyst to success. This is proven time and again by those companies that rank recruiting and talent as their number one priority year in and year out. Companies like Apple, Disney, Nike and Google all prioritize their commitment to hiring top talent as their number 1 priority. These companies are also all on the Fortune Most Admired Companies List.

Does this mean that these organization never make bad hires?


What this means is that these companies work hard to avoid bad hires, also called mishires by training their managers on best hiring practices and setting up company wide guidelines around how to recruit, interview and select candidates. By training their managers on the best way to identify talent, these companies proactively set the bar higher than other competitive organizations in the market. This book will help you understand why it is imperative to have a system in place, and also how to set up this system in your own company. Other resources can and should be used in this process development, but the groundwork is here to set up a proper recruiting and interviewing structure.

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