It’s Mardi Gras, So Bring Some Revelry to Work Today

It’s Mardi Gras, So Bring Some Revelry to Work Today

It’s Mardi Gras —the annual bacchanalia that caps off weeks of Carnival festivals — and throughout the streets, Revelers will be exclaiming, “Laisser les bons temps rouler”, or “Let the good times roll”.  Mardi Gras itself means “Fat Tuesday”, where”Fat”, in this case means jolly and indulgent.  Today, consider how you can find more fun at work.

When asking the question, “Does this fill me with joy,” the answer should be obvious!  Joy, compassion and respect are not side issues. They are THE issues. We were not built to be business people who are joyful and compassionate; we are built to be compassionate and joyful people who just so happen to be in business.

On a scale of absolute emptiness to total joy, how would you measure your life right now?  How would you measure the quality of your relationships, both at work and outside of work?  How would you measure the work you are doing, on this scale of joyfulness?  How about the quality of your play, recreation and relaxation?

How Do You Create Joy?

Like innovation (it’s Innovation Day, as well) joy will not come looking for you. It is a present you have to unwrap, and each day is filled with plenty of chances to unpack for yourself a ton of joy. Here are a few examples:

•  Sipping a hot cup of joe while doing a little early morning self-development by the fire can bring joy;

•  Lying in bed on a cold winter’s morning listening to rain can bring joy;

•  Working through a challenging project can be filled with joy;

•  The rising or the setting of the sun brings joy to many;

•  Watching a child with a new toy is pure enjoyment;

•  A good, long weekend with friends is packed with joy.

Joy is a virtue which bears the fruit of enlightenment.  It hides in plain sight, so you must open your eyes and cultivate the skill of discovering joy in places where you would least expect it — like work!  The ideal life begins with an ideal emotional state.  Your outlook on life is not determined by your circumstances but by where and how you focus.  A joyful focus brings about a joyful life.

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