What Talent Branding is Key to Your Recruiting Strategy

Why Talent Branding is Key to Your Recruiting Strategy

We find that Talent Branding plays a major part in how companies and brands are perceived. Organizations, like Glassdoor and others, are working to define the brand of many companies in the market today, but why would you want someone else making these important, even crucial, decisions for you and your company?

This “new” idea of Talent Branding has been kicked around for years. Some say it’s the overall look and feel of the company (including on-line); others say it’s the internal pulse on how people like or dislike the organization, and some even say it’s complete nonsense.

Our findings are that it is so important that your company’s livelihood might just depend on it. People can dictate the success or failure of an organization, so it’s safe to say that the attraction of the right talent to an organization is the catalyst for the final outcome, whatever that may be, for the overall company.  The best recruitment, then, marries talent to brand.

Talent Branding is the overall encapsulation of all things that attract or repel your future employees to your company. These things include: job boards, landing pages, advertisements (print and online), employee reviews, candidate reviews, career pages, application software, application processes, interview processes, interview teams, communications, feedback and employee engagement. Since this list is not exhaustive, one can see that Talent Branding should be taken very seriously.

Remember, your company’s future depends on it.

First and foremost, what gets measured gets managed, so you have to start measuring everything in order to improve your Talent Branding. Areas to focus on can differ by client, but we start by measuring information about your Brand Reputation, Careers Page and Applications Rates (drops, incompletes, etc.).

We then try to define what the ideal candidate is for your organization. Remember that the “soft” skills or experience are just as important as their previous employment and education. If we don’t know exactly who our ideal candidate is by way of attitudes, values, etc, it’s very hard to segment your Talent Brand to attract this type of person.

We work with our clients to help them identify who that person is by building a persona around who is the perfect candidate / employee for your team. Sound strange? So did the name Google, but today is readily understood in every language around the world as a Proper Noun, Noun, Verb and Adjective. Is this Google worthy? Not yet, but as more and more companies align their Talent Brands around those people who thrive in their corporate environment, the business world as we know it today is going to change.

At Cerca, we are professionals working with professionals to fine tune talent branding.  If you are a leader looking to expand your team with professionals who are focused on delivering work in which they take pride, and you can be proud of, every day, then we would be privileged to help you in the process.  Having been pros ourselves in the fields where we focus, we know the ins and outs of the companies, the business and the customers.

Partner with the group that can talk shop and gain rapport with the pros who will lead your business into the future. Let’s figure out what is going to help you in your quest to select those “A” players that will provide you a 10X return on your money. Just email me today at srivers@cercatalent.com, and we will begin the process of connecting you to Allstars that will help you set records.