Top 7+ Signs You About to Make a Hiring Mistake | Genomics Recruiter

Top 7+ Signs You Are About to Make a Hiring Mistake | Genomics Recruiter

Hiring a new employee is a time-consuming and expensive process that can make human resource and hiring managers feel pressured to cut corners just to get through it. While the frustration is understandable, simply checking the box is a poor approach. A bad hire ends up costing a company in numerous ways, including lost productivity, lost wages, lost revenue, damage to reputation, and having to go through the hiring process again when that employee quits or gets fired.

Here are a few common signs you are about to make hiring mistakes:

Going with Your Gut

There is a lot of talk about how people should trust their gut and go with their first impression. That might work in other areas of life, but it is rarely a good idea when it comes to hiring an employee. Whether a hiring manager personally likes a job candidate has no bearing on that individual having the right qualifications for the job or fitting into company culture. In the Genomics, Genetics, BioTech and Diagnostics Industries where Cerca Talent recruits, one professional could be responsible for a territory that’s worth $20MM or more in annual revenue. Hiring a “great guy” or “super woman” for the job might lead to a dismal failure if they do not have the skills and background to succeed in the role.

Not Spreading the Word

Although companies have a number of options to find qualified candidates, they often rely on job boards alone to bring in resumes — theirs or paid postings. They also tend to overlook the importance of diversity in the workforce. Active recruitment of passive candidates through job fairs, third party agencies and putting the word out through social networks is likely to bring in people who are more qualified for the job.

Not Conducting a Challenging Interview

Several people may have the technical qualifications for the job and still not be a good fit. Behavioral interviewing goes beyond checking skills to measure a candidate’s attitude, aptitude and emotional intelligence. Interviewers who use this approach ask open-ended questions that require the interviewee to give examples of how they responded to specific on-the-job situations in the past. This helps to measure such things as leadership, response to stress, and ability to prioritize different tasks.

Not Being Clear About the Job

Having an unclear job description leads to interviewing too many people who aren’t qualified for the position. Employers should take the time to consider the specific skills and personal attributes they are looking for before advertising an open position. It’s also essential to be honest with job candidates about what the job actually entails. Employees who feel they were misled are likely to quit as soon as they possibly can.

Too Shallow or Absent Reference and Background Checks

Not getting enough references or several types of references for a job candidate is another common mistake. To get a clear picture of someone, it’s important to speak to former superiors, colleagues, and direct reports if applicable. Employers should speak to a minimum of three references, but feel comfortable contacting as many as necessary to help in the evaluation process.

Showing Favoritism

Favoritism in hiring is not only a bad idea, but it can cause deep resentments with existing employees as well. Companies that allow the hiring of relatives or friends should make certain that person goes through the same process as everyone else.

Only Seeking Candidates when a Role is Open

Only recruiting when you have a job opening leads to a limited candidates pool and short look at each candidates’ achievements. Good managers are always on the look out for talent. Some companies retain organizations just to keep them apprised on “A” players in a given market that are open to new things. This allows companies to know what candidates are “in the market” as apposed to only seeing those that are “on the market” when their job opens up. 

These mistakes can be avoided. Learning from them will make your organization more efficient and effective in hiring the future of your company.

If you are interested in learning more about how to recruit the top talent in your space, we are here to help. At Cerca Talent+, we employ leading edge strategies and more to ensure you meet and hire only the best possible candidates in your industry and engage the professionals who will help your company produce peak performance. We will tirelessly work to ensure you fulfill your talent search goals by exceeding expectations every day. If you are interested in learning more, reach out to me, Scott Rivers, via email:


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Helping clients build world class teams as a recruiting leader in Oncology, Genetics, Diagnostics and Life Sciences

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Helping clients build world class teams as a recruiting leader in Oncology, Genetics, Diagnostics and Life Sciences

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