The Importance of Being Awesome and What It Really Means

Wake up and smell the reality around you.  Remove the desire to be deceived.  The news, whether you call it fake and despite which outlet you prefer, is slanted.  It has some bit of truth, and a ton of opinion couched as fact, all designed to elicit emotion by using extremes. 

Mark Twain said, “You can kill the truth easily, but a well told lie will live forever.”  This, in reality, all points to perspective and perception; and we have all heard, “Perception is reality.”  

Really, we all do perceive the world through our own eyes.  In reality, we all see things a little differently. No matter your perception, reality could care less.  Reality does not change.  It does not adapt to our viewpoints.  It is what it is.  It is non-negotiable.  That’s a fact.

Reality is the truth.  The acceptance of reality, in other words, is dealing with the truth, and that is a moral obligation, not an option.  Unfortunately, the truth often becomes a piñata for those who refuse to accept it.  Reality is not the way things appear to be, nor the way you wish them to be, but just the way things are.

Lets take time for a little reality check by asking, “Why is becoming awesome so important?  What is the Urgency?”

It is important because our world is Changing rapidly, and the stakes are higher than ever.  We are facing full-fledged revolutions on multiple fronts, and there is no slowdown in the rate of change within sight.  If anything, change will accelerate.

Everything is changing.  Nothing remains sacred.  All the rules are being rewritten.  

No country or currency or company is safe.  We are all vulnerable and we are all in the crosshairs.  No one has your back.

Hyper competitiveness, relentless and ongoing challenges, disruptive technologies and mass consolidations crossing industries have become the norm.

The time has come for you to make a crucial decision.  Will you choose to become awesome, or will you simply become invisible and disappear.  Are you truly ready to be remarkable, or will you choose irrelevance?  

Will you rise and shine?  Will you take all that is being shared, take advantage of the changes in front of us and unleash the greatness you have been regulating all these years?  Or, will you be content with average?

Understand, there is no complaint department, so whining will get you nowhere.  Stop wasting time pining for what once was.  You’ll not turn back the clock, and denial of the truth will only lead to delusion.  The only safe assumption you can make right now is this: it is best for you to truly step up your game and play everything at a superior level.

You are given the chance every day to move toward the very best choices.  Today, the choice is to become awesome.  The truth of the matter — the reality of your life — is you were not put here to only exist…you are not meant to be a GoMo (one who goes through the motions).  Don’t be a simple COG in someone else’s gearbox.

Many of us have been sold someone else’s reality our entire life.  We have been indoctrinated into systems that require compliance and which typically reinforce and reward only mediocrity.  Since the day we were born, most of us have been taught we have to go along to get along.

No more!

You have greatness and genius inside of you which desperately needs to be brought into the light of day.  The world needs your contribution.  Pull your weight and then add to your load.

The world needs more originality, more creativity and far more humanity and sincere kindness.  It does not need more followers, more non-thinkers, more conformists and certainly not more self-centered fools.

The world needs more companies and people who truly care – about the work they do, the people they serve and work alongside, the results they produce and the impact they are making.  There is no more room for the greedy, selfish, uncaring narcissists who take far more than they give or generate. 

We need more people who are truly devoted and want to make a difference.  We do not need more people in the world who just feel entitled, or worse, are outright DGrunts (disgruntled).

Give us leaders who truly lead – guide, mentor, coach and develop.  We need leaders who set an inspiring example and display and build real trust, who are compassionate, empathetic and who truly equip, encourage and empower their people to get engaged.  There is no more room for the leaders who cannot see the Big picture because their self-interest is in the way, who take a top down approach to everything; we don’t need more truth benders who are only looking out for themselves and their profits – who forgot to put people first, customers next, then results.

We need more people who are interested and involved in the success of others, who will sacrifice more, who have the guts to speak out when things just ain’t right, and who accept the risk of being ridiculed for having a strong moral compass.  We need connectors and not distractors; those who can cast an inspired vision and light the fire in the belly of others.

The world needs those who perform their work like artists.  People who will make a real mark and not leave a stain.

Truth is, the world needs you, and it needs the very best you.  It needs the boldest you, the bar-raising you, the risk taking you, the hero you; not the fearful, easily intimated, sometimes frightened of your own shadow you!

The world really wants the best you have to offer.  And the world really needs you to make this one decision —  become awesome!  Only you can do it, and you must do it NOW!  Choose today to really make a difference.

The best possible future is one where you deliver your best self, which is your true self.  Make no mistake – this is all about a choice.

Choose to be fearful, frozen and underwhelming; or choose to be awesome!  Finally show the world what you were meant to do and make the difference you were sent to make.

Here is the bottom line – everyday, investors, entrepreneurs, leaders and customers are making hard choices about who is and who is not awesome.  Each day, they choose who to support, who to give money to, who to invest in, and to whom they will give their loyalty.  Every day, they are deciding who they will eliminate and what they can automate to improve the bottom line.

Unless you are viewed as awesome; unless the beneficiaries of your work see you as a highly competent and incredibly valuable addition; unless you are a connector and a true motivator; unless you are someone teammates like, love, trust and respect; unless you bring originality, creativity, adaptability, humanity and humility to all you do, you will be seen as dispensable and replaceable. 

I could now give you a lengthy list of things to do which will make you awesome – in fact, I already have, as every day this challenge has been designed to get you to raise the bar, maximize your productivity and race to the top.

Unless you wake up and smell the reality; unless you see this as the time to take control and become awesome, there is not a thought, tactic, or teaching that can help you – you have to choose to help yourself, then all of this will make sense.

Therefore, your challenge today should be abundantly clear:  choose to unleash your greatness; choose to make the most of this life you were given; choose to become awesome!