Keep a Compelling Scoreboard

Maintaining a Compelling Scoreboard Drives Success

We get what we inspect and measure, not just what we expect. Being clear on the score as often as possible is the key to improving performance and Exceeding Expectations.  Keeping score is not an expenditure of time as much as it actually expands time by helping you maintain a clear focus on what matters. Using time properly through regular inspection prevents burning it through neglect.

To maintain a winning edge and fast track your goals, you must keep your eye on the scoreboard. It first tells you where you are in relation to where you want to be. Second, it tells you about your skill in execution, and more importantly, where it needs to be improved. You need to know if the actions you are taking are going to get you where you want to go….

A regular inspection process is the only thing you can do to reinforce the predetermined performance standards set at the beginning. Done correctly, it will make you aware of your performance gaps, and it is this area you will focus on to achieve the results you are driving toward. The cold finger in the eye truth is this: no scoreboard = no wins, but definitely losses.



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