Invest in Your Sales Mindset | Talent+Talks Podcast with Marcus Chan

Invest in Your Sales Mindset | Talent+Talks Podcast with Marcus Chan

Today’s guest is Marcus Chan!  In this episode, brought to you on International Podcast Day, we will share with you how to tune your sales process, amplify sales success and establish essential routines.  The idea is to ensure you have the most effective focus and well developed organization to increase sales, improve marketing and enhance leadership.

Marcus is a sales leader and entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience developing and mentoring high-performing sales organizations.  He is the founder and president of Venli Consulting Group designed “do something greater and give back to the world”.

Born in the Pacific Northwest to two Chinese immigrant parents who came to America with dreams of building a future, he grew up in a scarce environment where  EVERYONE pitched in to survive.  As a result of his fortunate business success fueled by a little luck, a LOT of hustle, and PLENTY of mistakes, by  THE TIME HE WAS 22, HE HAD BUILT HIS FIRST MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS.

Our discussion will help you optimize your company’s focus and the sales, marketing and operational performance of your organization.  This high energy podcast focuses on:

  • How to perform better in the Upheaval and sell more (5:00)
  • How to start the day thinking you will win (7:00)
  • Upping your game by staying sharp (12:00)
  • How to protect yourself from distraction (13:21)
  • Changing your routine to crush the day (15:15)
  • Gaining attention in today’s Zero Face-to-Face sales environment (21:52)
  • Creating a great culture that amps the brand (27:00)
  • Fixing the number problem with your sales process (29:42)
  • Swimming through the social Ocean with a long term view (34:14)
  • How we can be the best leaders for our team today (38:15)
  • Getting clear, getting lean (43:15)

Marcus will also help you better focus your recruiting efforts by highlight those things that make a team member the kind of POGPOG you want on your team (50:51):

  1. Do they have a proven track record?
  2. Are they obsessed with achievement?
  3. Grit
  4. Positive mindset
  5. Organized thinking and routines
  6. Game changers and GOATs

It is important to note, with all of the tools available to your sales team from Marcus, he is giving a ton of it away for free at  He says, those that become 100% committed to his processes will have a 100% success rate, and we agree.

If you have not already, please take the opportunity to connect with Marcus  on LinkedIn, and please let him know that you heard this on the Talent + Talks Podcast with Scott Rivers.

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You might be wondering – “what the heck is ‘Venli’ and who the heck is Marcus?”

Great question – Venli Consulting Group is a Portland, Oregon based sales coaching and consulting firm that works directly with sales professionals, aspiring sales professionals, small business owners, large business owners, and essentially anyone who wants to take their sales skills to a MAXIMUM level. More specifically, here’s what we can do to help:

  • High performance sales coaching that will deliver results immediately!
  • World class PROVEN and field-tested sales training that actually works! (Every single methodology has been field-tested thousands of times and works! Nothing is theory!)
  • Online sales training program and tools that you can’t get anywhere else! (This is the sub-brand, 6-Figure Sales Academy!
  • Consult with you to build sales training systems that are scalable from as little as one to hundreds of sales reps!

Essentially, whether you are a salesperson or a company and you are FRUSTRATED with your B2B sales results, we can help you or your company with proven high performance sales systems!

His Mission?  To help 1 million sales professionals achieve their goals and dreams through high performance sales training!

Marcus Chan is the founder and president of Venli Consulting Group. He was born in the Pacific Northwest to two Chinese immigrant parents that came to America with dreams of building a future. Given the poor background he grew up in with his two sisters, they grew up in a scarce environment –  EVERYONE pitched in to survive.

With no financial help from his parents, he put himself through college and also earned his MBA a few years into the workforce. he eventually went to work for two international Fortune 500 companies over the next decade.


Within the next several years during his tenure with both companies, he was promoted ten different times in ten years, broke many sales records, won awards trips and trophies, hired/trained/coached/mentored hundreds of people, promoted to a Regional Director of Sales over 11 teams of 110+ employees for a $6.8B Fortune 500 organization, and was consistently recognized nationally as one of the top leaders in the organization every single year! As a result of his fortunate business success fueled by a little luck, a LOT of hustle, and PLENTY of mistakes…


Marcus eventually left the corporate world due to his passion of wanting to do something greater to give back to the world. He launched Venli Consulting Group in 2019 and has not look back since! Marcus currently resides in the Pacific Northwest with his wife, Sara, and his son Roman.

If you or your company are ready to take your sales results to the next level, contact him using the information above.

CERCA Talent is a full-service Talent Firm with strategic focus in the areas of Life Sciences, Diagnostics, Genomics and Biotechnology.

Our clients choose to work with CERCA because of our deep understanding of the industries that we serve. They continue to work with us based on our knowledge and contacts which lead to amazing service to our clients. By working with the best clients, we are able to support them hiring the best talent in the industry.

Your host, Scott Rivers, is the Managing Director at Cerca Talent+, a Global Recruitment Solutions firm, where he directs the Diagnostics, Device and Genetics Talent Acquisition activities for the organization. Scott’s background as a recruiter, search firm owner and industry sales and marketing director, gives him an inequitable advantage in today’s talent market. Regarded as an expert in Talent Acquisition and Employment Technology, Scott has consulted some of the largest companies in the world on how best to implement talent acquisition strategies into daily practice.

Scott’s past experiences include senior sales and marketing roles at global organizations including Bayer AG and Johnson & Johnson. His last industry position was the Global Director of Oncology Marketing at a Johnson & Johnson Company. There, he was responsible for all upstream and downstream marketing activities pertaining to the molecular oncology products of the organization.



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