Greatness is Determined by Service

Greatness is Determined by Service in These Challenging Times

Greatness is determined by service – service to a cause and a willingness to live out the vision of the team. This is especially true, today, in these strange times of isolation.

For each of us, in our communities, in our work, and in our world, we can take this moment to truly standout. We each have unbounded potential for greatness because we have an almost limitless capacity to serve; at least, we do not know what those limits are. We do not know what cannot be done, and in the coming weeks and years, we have the opportunity to give more, serve more, in more unique ways, and come out on the other side of this pandemic having built, together, a better world.

The best part about working with a servant’s mindset is that it doesn’t require super intelligence, super skill or super powers. It just takes a little flair and joy; display a sincere desire to improve the lives of those around you. This will expand your influence. You will enjoy a much fuller life, and you will build some incredible experiences.

Take this time and begin a journey to dramatically enhance your impact in your market and truly touch everyone you encounter. This will be a Journey about going deeper and having a social bent, and for some, it has already begun. 

Find out how 👉🏼