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Genetics Job Search Recruiter – Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile Should Be Updated At All Times.

Rules For Moving On When Your Position is Eliminated To see more of this information, please visit… 1. Decompress for a Few Days 2. Let Go of Negative Thoughts 3. Gather References Get a sense of who your champions are at the company you’ve just left. Ask them if they are willing to tell a future employer that you are good at what you do. Especially if you haven’t been with your firm for very long, contact people you have had good relationships within your former companies. You never know, if they understand that you are open to new opportunities, this might even lead to an employment offer. 4. Brush Up Your Résumé Make sure your résumé shines! If you aren’t satisfied with it, you can pay someone to rewrite it for you. An alternative is to Google résumé examples and fix it yourself.

Remember companies looking to hire want to see certain things on a résumé such as employment dates that include the month/year, not just the year. Your résumé needs to look good, and it needs to be honest. Don’t inflate your educational degrees and promote yourself to a seniority level you have not reached.  

Most importantly, companies want to see your successes, so emphasize goals achieved, awards given, etc.  5. Work With Good Recruiters Reach out to recruiters you know, like, and trust; ask them if they have opportunities that fit your skillset and geography. Maybe the person that got you your last job? Avoid recruiters who are just going to flood the job market with your résumé. Let the recruiter know where you are networked and don’t need help. 6. Start Researching Openings That Fit Your Criteria If you haven’t given much thought to criteria, do so now; that will help narrow down your search. Use LinkedIn, Indeed, and other job search engines to find relevant roles. Do not send unsolicited résumés just for the sake of sending them.

You need to be strategic with your approach. If you find an attractive opening and you know someone at the company, contact them. If you don’t know anyone, talk to your recruiter. A good recruiter may be able to get you an interview, while sending your résumé to a job board where 500 others have applied for the same position may not get you anywhere.  7. Follow Up  People are busy, so don’t just call once and then stop. You should call, email and then try again in two or three days. And, these days, most people respond faster to text than any other form of communication. A few years ago, texting was regarded as intrusive, but today it’s the best way to get your message noticed.  8. Never Stop Networking  If you have always networked, you will have been building up a base of support for your future. Your network will stand you in good stead now that you really need it. If you have never thought about joining any networking groups, you should start now. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce for information on any relevant groups. Start going to their events and meeting new people. 9. Line Up Some Informational Interviews Call some people you’ve never met, but who work in the industry you’re interested in. Schedule an informational meeting with them. Be sure to explain why you want it and ask to meet them for coffee or lunch. If you can swing it, let it be your treat. If you can’t afford it, meet the individual in their office. During your chat, do your best to find out who the big players in the industry are and what industry associations or networking groups you can join. Ask the person about the path they took to get to the position they’re in. And before you leave, ask: Who else should I talk to? DO NOT ask for a job and don’t ask if they know of any openings. They’ll understand what you’re looking for, so if they are aware of something, they’ll tell you. They’ll also be more willing to share contacts with you if you’re seeking information and not begging for work. You CAN Do This Being downsized is very stressful, and it may seem at first that it’s the end of the world. But if you take a more positive approach, you’ll realize that it’s not. Take care of the basics and then conduct a job search in a strategic fashion. Follow the roadmap outlined above, and you’ll have every chance of finding a better opportunity and a bright future.  At Cerca Talent+, we employ all the best strategies and more to ensure you meet and interview with only the best possible companies in your industry. We will tirelessly help you fulfill your job search goals by exceeding expectations every day. If you’re interested in learning more, reach out to me, Scott Rivers, via email: