7+ Ways Optimism Will Improve Your Career Performance

7+ Ways Optimism Will Improve Your Career Performance

Optimism is the ability to look on the bright side of life.  It is an active, constructive and empowering attitude that creates the conditions for success by focusing on possibilities and acting on those best opportunities to create an abundant life.  Appropriate in light of the fear mongering our press is using around corona and the ugliness in politics and from our political leaders.

Optimism is the attitude of champions, the fuel of hope, the enemy of despair and the bedrock of the future. Developing and strengthening this dynamic life skill is one the most effective ways of adding to your personal power.  

Optimism is a general disposition to expect the best possible outcome and dwell on the most hopeful aspects of a situation.  It is a positive, empowering rationalism toward the individual and collective possibilities, and it is embracing the Belief our future contains desirable outcomes.

Optimism – this ability to always look on the bright side – has four distinct aspects:

1.     Thoughts – the future will be pleasant

2.     Imagination – our vision predicts favorable conditions

3.     Motion – always take forward action, as if the desired outcomes will certainly occur 

4.     Energy – fueled with hope and excitement for the future

Yes, it is an acrostic that begs the question, “How do you spend your time, especially your time in thought?”

Your Thoughts Affect Everything

Optimism and it’s opposite, pessimism, affect your entire world view.  Your whole approach to living is either empowered or enshackled, depending on which dominates.  Optimism provides keys for unlocking your greatest potential.

A dynamic optimist cannot be stopped, spooked, bullied or pushed aside.  An optimist will respond to all obstacles, all attacks, and each setback with undaunted resolve, a calm determination, and a creative, problem solving attitude.

Tenacity is essential when you encounter barriers on the way toward any goal.  Optimists learn from setbacks and seek better ways and different approaches to achieve success when faced with obstacles.

In contrast, pessimists throw in the towel, they concoct excuses, they succumb to depression and deliver apathetic performance.  They look for ways out versus ways up….Many even feel virtuous and justified by complaining about problems rather than finding solutions.  Criticism feels better than the demanding work of thinking of innovative solutions to the challenges we face.  

An optimist stands out….

We all experience negative events.  The difference between an optimist and a pessimist is the pessimist takes less proactive action to prevent bad things from happening; and, when the inevitable negative events do occur,  the d-grunt (disgruntled person) makes them seem so much worse by thinking persistently, obsessively and negatively about them.

You must incorporate the motivating and uplifting effects of optimism into an active, responsible and reasoned approach to living.   Merely believing everything will work out fine without action makes one unrealistic versus a dynamic optimist.  For optimism to be a strength and fully empower enormous success, it must truly recognize reality and not hide from or be overcome by it.

Be Response-able

We must always take responsibility for our thoughts, attitudes and actions.  No matter how realistic and rational we are, we have no choice but to focus our attention and attitude.  So, why not focus all that energy on thoughts, events and interpretations that produce joy, encouragement, and constructive effort?

Optimists will see the same world and events as pessimists but notice different things and see it all in different ways.  One admires a well-tailored suit; the other only sees the minute stain on the lapel.  One enjoys the beauty of the rainbow, while the other complains about the rain.  One sees constant and continuous improvement, the other sees lack of immediate success.  One sees a glass half, the other, a half empty glass with dish soap sprouts; and the biggest optimists are just happy to have a glass at all.

Optimists spend most of their time focused and acting on opportunities, on being with people they enjoy and in jobs they benefit from, on serving others and feeding thoughts that energize them.  Effective optimism requires an objective understanding of the part we play in bringing about the results we want.  The optimist realizes goals and excellence can be achieved reliably only through personal effort.  Wishing and hoping is not the way; only active pursuit of goals will deliver the results we want.

Taking responsibility for actions and attitudes requires a powerful sense of purpose.  Without a clear vision of our destination, we will find it impossible to get anywhere.   Being responsible, and more importantly, response-able, requires we make choices throughout the day with our goals and values front of mind.  We must stay focused and resist distractions and the attraction of apparent silver bullets.  Taking responsibility, then being accountable, means we must persist relentlessly toward what matters most to us.

Gritty Persistence

Persistence and virtue of character are found in almost all successful, optimistic people.  They know a positive attitude – looking on the bright side of life – can make all the difference in the world.  They work to brighten spirits and create hope and confidence in the future.

During difficult times, taking a positive approach, maintaining an upbeat outlook, and displaying a commitment to creating a brighter future will differentiate you from the majority of people.

The world is full of possibility.  We can achieve almost anything we can conceive.  Still, we will move forward only by turning goals into practical, rational and responsible thinking.  This kind of thinking will naturally generate productive activity.  

So, today, on I Want You to Be Happy Day:

  1. Look on the bright side of life;
  2. Cultivate a climate of optimism;
  3. Expect that great things will happen today;
  4. Expect that the right doors will open and the right people will present themselves;
  5. Expect that you will make rapid progress throughout the day;
  6. Retain optimism around achieving all of your goals and that they will soon be achieved;
  7. Then, do everything you can to demonstrate that belief through relentless goal directed activity, this day and every day forward!

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Adapted from Gary Ryan Blair’s 100 Day Challenge