6+ Ways Continuous Improvement Creates Success

6+ Ways Continuous Improvement Creates Success | Recruiter News

There is a set of performance rules that can be applied to your intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth.  That process is called Indeterminate Growth.  As professionals, we can and should be going through constant and continuous improvement.  This ongoing development should be never ceasing…never ending.

There are no boundaries on your capacity to learn, to expand your skills, to laugh, to build passion in yourself, nor to share all you learn with the rest of the world.  What we are talking about is a philosophy that should have you leaping out of bed each morning ready to take on the world while you challenge yourself to be better each successive day than you were the preceding day.

Beat Yesterday

Other than the mental shackles and limits you place on yourself, there is absolutely nothing that prevents you from enjoying ever increasing performance breakthroughs as indeterminate growth means you can grow indefinitely.  There are no speed bumps or speed limits on this road to success.  It is all green lights ahead.  This is a party without a curfew, an ever-increasing enjoyment of life, and endless opportunities to unleash your greatness.

This kind of growth should never end.  The idea itself should be so inspiring you cannot wait to spend every day of your life besting who you were yesterday, and that is who the real competition is anyway.

Each Day Offers Opportunity for Increase

A moment of reflection will provide legitimacy to this concept of indeterminate growth.  Remember, each day of your life provides an opportunity to demonstrate increased commitment, greater discipline, truer compassion, unbounded energy, enhanced discernment, clearer judgement, and the limitless feeling you can improve upon yesterday’s performance.  Each day gifts you with more chances to live more wholesomely, to train harder, to prepare better, to think more clearly, to work much smarter and to dream even bigger dreams. 

Each day is another great chance to shape and mold your destiny and to build a legacy of living more freely.  Conversely, it could be used to procrastinate, live in fear, to sit frozen in your comfort zone, and live a smaller, compromised life you were not called to….but that you have created.

No More Excuses

No more excuses!  Each day you waste is time you will never get back.  When you are not moving forward, you are moving backward, and that undermines any progress you made the day before.

Get in the habit of asking yourself, “Is what I am doing now improving on what I did yesterday?”  Every thought, word or action is either an advance toward or a retreat away from your goals.

Accept the goal each day is to beat and improve upon who you were yesterday!

Life is a Work in Progress

Personal growth is a lifelong pursuit because life is always a work in progress.  You will never arrive on this journey, and there is always some polishing to do, knowledge to gain, and a skill to sharpen.  Self-development ends only when we run out of time; you are and always will be a self in evolution.

Who among us cannot improve, at least a little, as a child, a parent, a teammate, a friend, a business associate, an entrepreneur or a leader?  Not one of is perfect.  Not one of us walks the straight and narrow all the time.  This leaves the door wide open for ongoing improvement.

All these things point to the incredible value of embracing indeterminate growth.  Recognize our fight is not external;  our biggest battle is mostly inside ourselves – to achieve mastery over self.  

Build Mastery Over Self

To dominate events and experience greater level of performance, we must first learn to dominate ourselves.  This is an elemental truth, and it depends on you becoming a better person.  This requires contemplative thought, a routine and hefty dose of humility, and the commitment to just get better every day.  This is your choice.

To be a better salesperson, become a better person.  To be a better leader, become a better person.  To be a better parent, child, friend or spouse, become a better person.  If you aspire to greater spheres of influence, there is only one way – become a better person today than you were yesterday!

Weed Out Weaknesses

Nothing surpasses finding weaknesses early in your career and dealing with them today before they have a chance to spread and negatively affect future opportunities.  Pay special attention to the patterns you see again and again.  Judicious self-development and a commitment to being better today than you were yesterday means you no longer draw the blinds on what you abhor or settle for a lesser you.

Concentrate your energies on what needs developing and build a better you every day.  Do not play games by denying any reality;  each part of your character and personality must be examined.  Accept no false perceptions of what and who you really are.  Go DEEP!

Now, take charge and design your own future.  Do this one day, one disciplined thought and one disciplined action at a time.


A few years into this life, I certainly have the perspective that time not only brings age and a greying beard, it brings some wisdom and a little maturity (debatable for some of my friends).  We are supposed to reach a stage, master it, and move on to the next.  If we fail, that failure persists until we rectify it.   

A lesson is always taught to you in many different ways, until it is learned. No amount of time passage will rid us of this reality.

Today, start to out-think, out-behave, and out-perform who you were yesterday.

  1. It would be easy to pepper you now with a ton of ideas and a checklist of how to’s and success stories, but the truth is simply this – the only person you need to beat is the person in the mirror.  That is your real competition.
  2. Embrace the idea that indeterminate growth is your birthright.  Challenge yourself to improve each and every day.
  3. While your physical growth is genetically predetermined, your mental, emotional, and spiritual growth are limitless.

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Adapted from Gary Ryan Blair