6+ Hot Ideas to Fire up Your Genomics and Genetics Career

6+ Hot Ideas to Fire up Your Genomics and Genetics Career

About a decade ago, many found encouragement in the writings and near daily emails of a man named Sam Parker.  A few years later, Sam wrote a number of books around which he has built a series of seminars helping lead teams to peak performance.

One of those compelling books is 212°:  The Extra Degree.  In the wisdom he shares, Sam challenges us to give that extra degree that produces steam.  You can do more and go longer than before simply by powering up using that one extra degree that boils water and creates steam. 

At 211°, water is simply hot.  At 212°, it puts off steam; and steam is used to move the most massive machines and power cities.  Even nuclear carriers – the largest machines in the world – still move on steam.

As we all work to continue or begin a cadence to start the year strong on whatever Rocket Ride to success you may be enjoying, take time each day to reflect on that one little bit extra that makes all the difference.  

Here are some things you might think about today to set standards that will ensure you are always Exceeding Expectations, creating the kind of power that drives great momentum:

  • Lead Humbly – WE are building a brand, whether it is personal or for a company.  We should
    • always be reminded we are serving others before ourselves, 
    • remain focused on the growth and well-being of those around us, to include our clients and teams, and
    • always demonstrate understanding and empathy.
  • Be Accountable – the common core of great people and teams is a profound awareness of goals and an intense ownership of meeting and exceeding them.  This means someone going the extra degree will 
    • always take action to advance their goals and those of the team,
    • follow through on commitments, and 
    • be prudent stewards of available resources.
  • Innovate Passionately – It is important to meet each day with an entrepreneurial spirit, even if you are not an entrepreneur.  Do so with the core belief that
    • Building a great future requires free flowing ideas and 
    • a willingness to always challenge ourselves and each other 
    • to expand our thinking and build an exponential mindset.
  • Collaborate Openly – “One wishing to go fast may go along.  One wishing to go far must go with others” is an ancient proverb I love.  We will always achieve far more working together.  
    • When we are fully transparent with one another, facilitate a culture of trust and mutual respect and 
    • make room for and learn from opposing ideas, we will grow.  
    • Together, we will gain support for our efforts and lend support to others to maximize achievement.
  • Create Value – To build anything great requires that, each day, we return real value to our teams and those around us.  By:  
    • putting others first,
    • working to advance our own expectations of performance and 
    • pushing ourselves to continually learn and grow, we will ensure our success and help others build their success.
  • Persist Relentlessly – With a never ceasing, never ending single minded focus to Exceed Expectations, we must 
    • remain resolute and 
    • thrive, even when facing challenges or obstacles, to 
    • ensure our ongoing efforts lead to ultimate success.

Light the fuse on your personal rocket.  Launch your great success.

Give that one extra degree.  You will be glad you did.

At Cerca, we are professionals working with professionals to fine tune talent branding. If you are a leader looking to expand your team with professionals who are focused on delivering work in which they take pride, and you can be proud of, every day, then we would be privileged to help you in the process. Having been pros ourselves in the fields where we focus, we know the ins and outs of the companies, the business and the customers. Partner with the group that can talk shop and gain rapport with the pros who will lead your business into the future. Let’s figure out what is going to help you in your quest to select those “A” players that will always give that extra degree. Just email me today at srivers@cercatalent.com, and we will begin the process of connecting you to Allstars that will help you set records.

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