5+ Ways to Use A Service Mindset to Boost Your Career

5+ Ways to Use A Service Mindset to Boost Your Career

Greatness is determined by service – service to a cause and a willingness to live out the vision of the team. This is especially true, today, for each of us in our communities, in our work, and in our world. We each have an unbounded potential for greatness because we have an almost limitless capacity to serve – or, at least, we do not know what those limits are. We do not know what cannot be done, and in the coming years, we each have the opportunity to give more, serve more and build together a better world than one we live in today.

As we work to serve others over the coming years, together we can build performance levels you will deeply enjoy as a professional, your colleagues will value as your teammates, and your employer will enjoy because of the increased engagement and radically improved output of your work.

Begin, today, to serve more deeply than you ever thought possible and go further than you ever imagined. Begin a journey of delivering greater Quality and deeper Focus each day. Remember how this quote from Martin Luther King beautifully and powerfully drives home the point of great work:

If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as a Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, ‘Here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well.’

This can easily be extended to include a doctor, a nurse or a phlebotomist in the performance of their bedside manner; to a hostess, waiter or bartender and the dramatic flair they use in welcoming and serving customers in such a way they feel special; to a teacher, a mechanic, a data analyst, a social campaigner or a checkout clerk in the unique way they do their work and communicate value to the people they serve.

Embrace the idea every job can be performed in a superior manner, that every role has a customer, and that every customer interaction is an opportunity to serve….to Be Great! Make no mistake – you are a brand. You have something very special to offer everyone. Service is one guaranteed way to create a powerful and lasting impression.

Your reputation – your personal brand – is the fixed image that comes to mind when people think of you. Conjuring up a personal brand of real value is essential. As in business, to be successful, you must create positive brand recognition.

Successful branding is a matter of delivering service which leaves a lasting impression that is positive and relevant. It is up to each of us to create our own distinctive position in the world, to be clear about what we do and how we perform our role to create value, to learn more every day that keeps us ahead of the competition, and to create a message and strategy that communicates these attributes to the rest of the world in a meaningful way.

Regardless of age, your business, or your position, all of us need to understand the importance of serving and how we can use our brand to become unforgettable. This is both simple and difficult. It is also inescapable.

The great news? Everyone has a chance to Be Great. Each of us has the chance to learn, improve and build up our skills so that we may be of the greatest service to those around us. Everyone has the opportunity to deliver service to our communities and our companies in such a way we build a brand worthy of notice.

Our challenge today is to shift the paradigm – begin thinking of yourself as one who is a brand building Servant Leader in whatever you do.

  1. Actively look for ways to bring enhanced service to your work.
  2. Craft a performance that leaves those you touch thankful your paths have crossed. Give them a story to share with friends. One that will inspire them to tell others.
  3. Right now, this instant, begin to think, walk, talk, and act like a powerful, distinctive, world class and highly valuable brand.
  4. Pay very special attention to your coming and your going, your opening and your close. The way you walk into a room, showing both grace and purposeful presence. Sharing a great smile and an enthusiastic hello, with a disarming and engaging warmth, as well as how you say goodbye, will leave them wanting an encore. Concentrate on these things.
  5. Work hard on the transitions in your interactions. The pauses you employ after a word or action light up conversation with possibility and a flair that leave people wanting more.

The best part about working with a servant’s mindset is that it doesn’t require super intelligence, super skill or super powers. It just takes a little flair and joy; display a sincere desire to improve the lives of those around you. This will expand your influence. You will enjoy a much fuller life, and you will build some incredible experiences.

Begin a journey to dramatically expand your impact in your market to truly touch everyone you encounter. This will be a Journey about going deeper and having a social bent, and for some, it has already begun. Your experiences will be greatly enhanced and your relationships made more complete.

At Cerca, we are professionals working with professionals to fine tune talent branding.  If you are a leader looking to expand your team with professionals who are focused on delivering work in which they take pride, and you can be proud of, every day, then we would be privileged to help you in the process.  Having been pros ourselves in the fields where we focus, we know the ins and outs of the companies, the business and the customers.

Partner with the group that can talk shop and gain rapport with the pros who will lead your business into the future. Let’s figure out what is going to help you in your quest to select those “A” players that will provide you a 10X return on your money. Just email me today at srivers@cercatalent.com, and we will begin the process of connecting you to Allstars that will help you set records.

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