What Your Oncology Recruiter MUST Know To Quickly Fill Your Job

What Your Oncology Recruiter MUST Know To Quickly Fill Your Job

Your Recruiters WANT to fill your jobs, efficiently and well. This is not specific to internal or external recruiters. As a recruiter, this outlines all we need to know in order to ensure hiring success.

Are you ready to impress your upper management by being the one with the best team in the entire business? Do you want to be number one with a professional team that can’t be beat? All of that is completely possible when you know how to hire the best talent.

You also have to be great at attracting, recruiting and retaining the best talent. Attracting Talent has everything to do with your employment brand, and hopefully you are working hard to make candidates WANT to come work for you. Retaining Talent is also important. You must provide excellent training, career advancement opportunity and competitive compensation… at a minimum. Finally, you have to be able to recruit the best talent. Since most managers do not have the time to do their own recruiting, they rely on industry professional to help them find those talented individuals that will bring immediate value to the team. If you want to help your recruiters, follow these simple rules of recruiting and you’ll help set up your recruiters and your team for success.

Know What You Want to See on a Resume Before You Ever Start Reviewing Them

In most cases, there are certain skills and traits that you want to see showcased on a resume to ensure you hire a good choice. Before you do anything open the first resume, have a conversation with your recruiter and provide them with three MUST have items that the ideal candidates will have in their history that would ensure that candidates is a fit for your needs today. Want to go a step further, give them three LIKE to have items that when coupled with the first three MUST have items would make the candidate a “No Brainer” to interview. Once you start receiving candidate resumes, as long as your requests are realistic, you should see viable candidates faster which saves you time and money in the recruiting process. Quick Tip: When you scan the resume, look for things that show putting more effort into this person is warranted. Can they do the job? Are there unique features that set them apart? Great, let’s move forward.

Tell Them What Companies You Prefer to Hire From

What Your Oncology Recruiter MUST Know To Quickly Fill Your Job

Are there specific companies you prefer to target for your next hire? Are there others you want to avoid? If so, provide this information to your recruiter so that they can focus on building out a slate of candidates from those companies are industries that make the quickest impact to your team. This doesn’t mean that your ultimate hire will come from this/these companies, but at least you will know that they were targeted in the search.


Provide The Industries You Are Willing To Hire From

What Your Oncology Recruiter MUST Know To Quickly Fill Your Job

Many of us in the diagnostics industry look for candidates who know our customers. They know the laboratories or the oncologists in the given territory that they currently cover, but is that always the best hire? For the most part, yes! There are times, however, for many reasons including non-competes, that you will need to hire someone who does not have the exact connections that would benefit your team the most. When you are not able to hire from your ideal industry, take a minute to review those industries that are a few degrees to the left or right of what is ideal.


For someone in the area of Oncology, maybe you look to someone who has been successful selling devices to the cardiology market. This is another very difficult market that requires strong relationship building and strong technical skills. For the Diagnostics industry, while you may be hiring someone for the clinical laboratory, don’t forget those who currently sell into the Pathology and Histology laboratories, or even those who sell diagnostics instruments to the hospital floors. The skills are similar if not the same, and there are always some shared contacts for these sales people. If you’re hiring for a Vice President of Sales, it goes without saying that great sales leaders can cross disciplines very quickly.

Know What Compensation you Can Offer

What Your Oncology Recruiter MUST Know To Quickly Fill Your Job

Know What Compensation you Can Offer You need to be honest about the compensation you can offer because it will have an effect on who you choose to hire. A seasoned professional is unlikely to join the team if the pay is more in line with someone who is entry-level. On the other hand, with serious compensation, you can look for the best of the best. Some companies feel that working for their company is such a reward that they don’t have to pay market rates to get the best talent. This is when there becomes a large gap between candidate expectations and candidate realities. Just like anything else, there are


Be Aware of What You Expect From a New Hire

What Your Oncology Recruiter MUST Know To Quickly Fill Your Job

There’s no way to ensure you hire someone who can do the job if you aren’t sure what your expectations are. Consider the responsibilities they will have as a new hire, three months from now, six months from now, a year from now, and so on. Is this someone who can handle them?


Understand Territory Status and Why It Is Open

Why is this position open? What is the status of the territory? Having answers to these questions will help you make the right decision about who to bring into the fold.

Know Your Hiring Process

There’s no way you can make the right decisions for hiring without knowing the process inside and out. Go over all aspects of hiring until it’s down pat so you can make decisions that work for the company you are with.

Be Aware of Your Hiring Timeframe

If you have a week to bring in a new hire, you are going to need to use a different process than if you have a month or six weeks to find the right person. Always have the timeframe in the back of your head and use it to determine what step should come next and how quickly.

Make Sure You Are Ready to Hire in a Timely Manner

There’s no point putting out recruitment feelers if you aren’t planning to hire in a timely manner. It will only frustrate job seekers and make you seem as if you aren’t sure what you are doing. The point of recruiting is to hire the right people so don’t waver on that.

Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to start recruiting a team you can be proud of! It isn’t as hard as you think. You just need to put some thought into it.

Your Recruiters MUST Know This to Be Successful

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