6+ Keys to Finding the Right Salesperson in the Diagnostic Industry

6+ Keys to Finding the Right Salesperson in the Diagnostic Industry

Clinical and Molecular Diagnostics are unique fields where the task of finding a salesperson can be daunting. While there are successful salespeople in every company, finding one with the capacity to sell molecular-level testing is not something you can expect in even the most talented salesperson… if you do find them. It takes a very special combination of sales acumen and cellular science to succeed in this arena. So here are the smartest ways to find the right sales expert for your next opening.

Make Sure There is Relevant Competency in Clinical and Molecular Diagnostics

When it comes right down to it, a sales Process divides into three stages: the value proposition, covering the bases and closing work. Finding a sales professional who basically understands what he is saying is therefore pretty easy: scan the resumes for those with academic knowledge of biochemistry-related subjects and strong sales backgrounds. This could be from an academic perspective or from previous professional experiences. Why? Because if the experience is from an academic perspective, many scientific field pay scales can be found wanting, leaving the graduate looking for something more lucrative. If it from previous professional experience, then they will have the necessary credibility to progress quickly with your current customer base. Do some sales people do well with no technical experience? Yes, but if you are looking for someone who can “hit the ground running”, then look for a good balance between sales acumen and technical experience. 

Find a Person Who Completes the Needs of the Team.

In the ideal environment, salespeople are left to their own specialities (namely, selling the product) while at the same time feeling like a part of the team. While some bay fiercely independent, you want them engaged.  Since salespeople generally don’t need much handholding, seeing how they interact with the team beforehand to ask questions, uncover where potential revenue streams can be found, and gain clarity as to how they generally participate is vital. “The salesperson” who sits in the corner and doesn’t want to be bothered is far from the ideal choice. Also, diversity matters, so make sure you are hiring a sales team of your clones. Differences in background, experiences, relationships and education can only add to the quality of your team.

Find Someone Who Understands What It’s About

There are many talented “generalist salespeople” who are focused on the close. Since that’s the job of a salesperson anyway, learn what they know and feel about what you’re doing in Clinical, Molecular or Genetic Diagnostics. It’s a common dictum in Sales and Marketing that “everyone needs us, and we can go anywhere”. To the degree that’s true, what you need is a salesperson who believes in your organizational goals and will evangelize to everyone.

Past Performance Predicts Future Success

Especially in sales, closes are seen as victories or trophies (in some organizations people win trophies), and every salesperson will list off their trophy closes in their minds before you interview. Try to interview with a goal of finding how filled the “win” column is and how that matches your goals. Salespeople who begin to ask quota questions with positive implications are usually confident in reaching them.

Conduct Reference Checks, and Do Them Early

Again, “sales and marketing” is a competitive industry where passions often run high. Check in with previous coworkers and colleagues to understand how potential employees will fit with your organization. Ask questions that are open and allow for dialogue to ensure that all claims are in fact true. Taking time now can save tremendous amounts of time and money in the future.

Be Consistent in the Interview Process

Salespeople are naturally genial people —that’s part of their job.  When dealing with decent salespeople, they are naturally friendly and persuasive. While it’s ok to pick favorites, everyone on the docket should be given an even chance to make sure they work best with the team, not just the interviewer.

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