How to Supply the Demand in Your Oncology and Diagnostic Career

How to Supply the Demand in Your Oncology and Diagnostic Career

Supply and demand are the fundamentals of economics and the backbone of a free economy. Demand refers to the amount of a product or service buyers desire. The quantity of demand is the volume a people are willing to buy and at a specific price – the demand relationship.

Supply, on the other hand, is just how much of a specific service or product the market can offer. This applies to the amount of a certain good producers are willing or able to deliver at certain price. This is the supply relationship.

Price, therefore, is the reflection of supply and demand. In today’s message – Supply the Demand – we will cover a different concept around these economic laws. It will play a critical role in your life and determine your success or failure.

In your career and life, there will always be a demand for commitment, sacrifice, discipline and focus along with a number of other performance requirements. Your ability to rise up and fulfill the supply in these areas and many others, to meet the demand, is what we will cover today. Just like price, success is a direct reflection of supply and demand.

There is only one real measure of commitment – TOTAL! You are either all in, or you are out…you must do, there is no try. Success is the fulfillment of commitments, while all missed and unfinished goals, projects and broken relationships are a measure of broken commitments.

It is this simple, that profound, and so important. Commitments made must be honored, as each one counts in ways we cannot even imagine. Your ability to honor these commitments directly impacts your credibility, Reputation, trustworthiness, earning ability and overall peace of mind.

Character defines an individual, and honoring commitments defines character. Everyday, you make promises and commitment to family, colleagues, clients and friends, some are explicit while others are implied. All lead to success or failure, depending on resolve and ability to supply the demand.

Nothing builds confidence and loyalty as much as a history of well kept promises. Nothing will undermine your reputation faster than a string of broken commitments.

Look at those who are successful in any field. They are not necessarily the strongest, the fastest, the brightest or the most attractive. What they do have is a clear understanding all great accomplishment is preceded by great commitment. They simply Know the pain and momentary discomfort of today’s demands and sacrifices leads to the strength and success gained tomorrow. They know the commitment to fulfill promises is what guides them long after the initial excitement of a new goal has left.

They also know that commitment lost is the result of deficiencies in character, deficiencies in discipline, focus and follow through. Rather than undermine their success with such things, they have decided that giving up is not an option. They have focused on building the demand for their services through constant improvement and strengthened resolve.

Here are a few questions for you to think about. As you consider each, think long and hard about your past performance, remembering behavior never lies.

How to Supply the Demand in Your Oncology and Diagnostic Career

How great is the power of your commitment? Do you have a demonstrated record of rising to meet the challenge, supplying the demand for commitment to the very End?


Disposable – it is a great word to describe many of the products available today. Durability is a thing of the past. From diapers and razors, to printer cartridges and milk cartoons, it seems disposability is being woven into the very fabric of our society.

Have commitments and promises also become throw away? Do we make them and walk away? Do we find our lives littered with discarded commitments?

In a world where we all know commitment is still vital to success, I wonder why there is such a profound commitment deficit in our lives? Why isn’t there, instead, an excess surplus? Why isn’t everyone Exceeding Expectations in this regard?

For certain, fear of commitment is most often used to describe failure in romance, yet the fact is, far too many people have commitment issues in every area of their lives. This is why so many find themselves feeling unfulfilled and unsuccessful. Careers, health, finances and relationships suffer when we don’t commit and follow through on those commitments.

Commitment is a virtue, one that requires fulfillment and rewards the long-suffering or punishes the faithless. For many, it will take a dramatic shift to embrace the importance of commitment and internalize the real meaning of permanence and devotion.

A person without their word is fundamentally rudderless and worthless. When word is not supported by action, when one takes a cavalier attitude toward commitments, then they offer nothing of real value. Your word is a form of capital. It is tangible commitment others are counting on….

Therefore, only invest this capital where and when it counts most, or it loses its value. As it is like currency, give your word only when the occasion is important enough to call for it.

Really, what is the point of making a commitment or promise if you have no intention of honoring it? This applies to yourself and others. It is a great misfortune to betray ourselves, and it communicates to others a clear lack of commitment. Being able to adhere to faithfulness begins with self.

When we say one thing and do another, when we start projects and launch ideas without following them through to the finish, and when we commit ourselves to a cause only to turn our backs when it gets a little tough, we are sabotaging our reputation.

There is only one level of commitment – TOTAL…ALL IN…!

By dishonoring commitments and promises, you poison whatever faith, trust and confidence others have in you and you have in yourself. So, what kind of person do you want to be known as?

How to Supply the Demand in Your Oncology and Diagnostic Career

A person with character and a stellar reputation; or Someone who is unreliable, untrustworthy and uncommitted?

Do you want to be able to hold your head up high and live with dignity and self respect versus unwarranted pride? If so, then choose to live by this Honor Code:

How to Supply the Demand in Your Oncology and Diagnostic Career

Make commitments and honor them. Make promises and keep them. Set goals and achieve them.


“[We] acquire a particular quality
by constantly acting in a particular way.”

— Aristotle

He is right. That is why you must:

  1. Always act with total commitment;
  2. Always rise up and raise the bar; so you will
  3. Supply the demand.

When demand for discipline, focus, persistence, boldness, execution, and character is made today, immediately rise up and supply the necessary behavior to meet that demand. The goal of this message is to challenge you to eliminate any commitment issues and replace them with a profound sense of resolve. By doing so, you will wake up each day with determination and lay to rest with a total satisfaction.

Commitment counts.
Always enforce it.

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