what you need to know about networking today to enhance your career

How to Network Today to Accelerate Your Genomics and Genetics Career

What does it mean to connect the dots, and how do you even detect the dots you want to connect?

Connect the dots originated from a picture game linking numbered dots in order, without lifting your writing instrument, to form a drawing. Today, it has evolved into a colloquialism about discovering a pattern and linking different ideas and experiences. These connections exist in the choices you make to solve problems, address day-to-day challenges, and find solutions for yourself and your teams.

In life and work, detecting the essential dots requires the ability to zoom in on and pan out from the things that define an issue. This means you need to be able to see both the minute details and the big picture.

Just like in the original game, you need to be able to stay in touch with moving to the next dot by zooming in on the task at hand and, at the same time, keep a clear, concise picture of the other issues, risks and resources related to the task, ensuring you don’t stray. Specifically, it is a discipline that allows you to be both specific and broad in your approach to the work to be done.

Easier said than done. However, a good conceptual thinker can connect the dots and rule the world with these three essential traits: inventiveness, empathy and purpose.

  1. Inventiveness. Comprised of ingenuity, imagination and creativity, it allows you to solve every-day and long-term challenges while also creating bigger wins with less effort.
  2. Empathy. Allows you to truly connect with others.
  3. Purpose. To have a foundational focus for your life.

Connecting the dots allows you to see common threads that bind together the issues and the resources necessary to complete your project or achieve your goals. This thread may be tangible, like a person, tool or specific action; or it might be a concept, an advantage, an opportunity or even a threat.

While many say past performance is the best predictor of future success, it is in seeing things with a fresh perspective and having a compelling purpose that unprecedented challenges are overcome. This will make you not only proactive but an indispensable, value-creating member of your team.

Connecting the dots will sharpen your perception, approach and street smarts. More importantly, it will enhance how you live, experience and succeed in both your personal and professional life.

Today, work on seeing the common thread that binds people and groups together with opportunity, growth, speed, and abundance. Your ability to be a connector is a significant form of leverage and should be a core strength we all sharpen.

Use the following acrostic and begin to reveal to yourself how fast things can happen once we do connect all the dots.

Decision Maker

Connecting all the dots ultimately begins and ends with getting to the decision-maker. In sales, we are always seeking that Key Decision Maker – the one person who can say yes even when others say no.

Your ability to get to the person who can greenlight a project will catapult a project ahead faster and with greater purpose, especially once you understand their personal win and find ways to fulfill it. In each project, discover who are the key decision-makers and what are their personal wins in working with you!

Opinion Shapers

Influencers are those who have the power to shape opinion. These are people connected to key roles in groups, industry associations, social networks and communities. They represent an audience segment important to you, your business or your cause. They could become a powerful advocate and key evangelist for your company. Such people are essential assets to your success. While they are not the Key Decision Maker, they do influence that person. So, who are the key opinion shapers and influencers you need to foster relationship with and get connected to…?

Thought Leadership

These are the folks in a given space that possess superior levels of credibility. They are the brain trust in a specific industry or niche and have deep and early knowledge of trends and future events. While they also have the ability to shape opinion and will, their primary role for you in connecting the dots is to serve as an invaluable resource for contacts, references and insights. So, who are the key thought leaders you need to get connected with…?

Strong Coaches

Like a guardian angel on your shoulder, they want you to win. Seeing you succeed is their primary goal and doing so will fill them with pride. They will readily assist you with knowledge, key introductions, resources and direct feedback on just how to get things done. Who are the coaches you need to get connected with…?

The most effective people on earth know how to connect these dots and actively tap into large, diversified networks rich with experience and which cross over organizational, geographical and political boundaries. Connecting becomes a way of life for people playing at the top of their game, and it is the most basic business building tool in today’s competitive markets.

Quantity certainly counts when connecting the dots; however, quality is significantly more important. The three factors behind connecting the dots are the number you connect with, the depth of those connections, and the frequency of interaction with them. When we truly understand the purpose of creating a valuable network and intentionally connecting the dots, we can start to access hidden treasures that will help us succeed in all areas of our lives.

The networks and the goodwill we create become social capital – resources built to connect the dots. These resources include your ideas, your knowledge, information, opportunities, contacts and referrals. Social capital is built by design, not by chance.

Those who intentionally work at connecting the dots in meaningful ways will perform demonstratively better than those who do not. They are more influential, effective, and happier. They realize great benefits in their business, professional and social networks.

Now, more than ever, networking and connecting the dots is essential to success in any endeavor. Therefore, your challenge today is to:

  1. Begin developing a style of networking that is deliberate, habitual and finely tuned;
  2. Start connecting the dots you need in order to make big things happen in your life;
  3. Work a plan that puts you in contact with the right people;
  4. Implement immediately.

Note: while building your network is very important, it is only part of the success equation. Ultimately, you must drive results. That is what determines your destiny.

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