Conduct Background and Reference Checks Early

Diagnostic Recruiters Conduct BackGround and Reference Checks Early

This basic premise of the hiring process should be one of the first tasks performed, yet so many companies delay until the very end. Some hiring managers won’t even do this at all, let alone early. In fact, the Society of Human Resources Management says 22 percent of companies only check the backgrounds and references for certain candidates, while two percent don’t contact references at all.

Your gut is great, yet it is essential you balance your “spidey-senses” with a little real data. Researching the background of a potentials candidate can provide invaluable insight into what it’s really like to work with or manage them. Anyone can put on a good face during an interview and impress the hiring team. References will provide you with additional insights that will allow you to plan your management strategy and style with your new employee.

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