9+ Ways to Make Your Career a Masterpiece in 2020

9+ Ways to Make Your Career a Masterpiece in 2020

If you have only one career, why wouldn’t you make it a masterpiece?

It is amazing to the team here at Cerca to think another year has passed and a new one is about to begin.  It is also amazing to think, at a time when people are making all kinds of resolutions, if you truly choose to do so, you can meaningfully, radically shape your life for the better. Today’s article can have an immediate impact and change the way you live, the choices you make and the legacy you leave behind.

No matter how many different roles you take on, how many various companies you may work for, and the array of degrees and certificates you may earn, it all will be bundled together into the single summation of your life’s work.  It is that time of the year many pause to reflect and renew, so let us spend today, and the rest of our lives, focused on building the ideal career.

Magnum opus is Latin for great work and is used to crown any effort generally considered to be a masterpiece – the best work of the creator – which cements their place in history as one of the true greats in their field.

Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa

Michelangelo’s David

Pablo Picasso’s Guernica

Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night

Rembrandt ‘s The Night Watch

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water

Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Einstein’s e = mc2

Plato’s Republic

Hemingway’s Old Man and the Sea

Pink Floyd ‘s The Dark Side of the Moon

Led Zeppelin ‘s Stairway to Heaven

Beethoven’s Ode to Joy

Alex Haley’s Roots

The Beatles’ Let It Be

Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream

Your ________

So, how about you?  What goes in the blank?  What will be your seminal effort?  Your magnum opus?  The fact is, the most important masterpiece you or any of the greats listed above could create is a wonderful career to be remembered!  The choice is yours.  There is a calling in each of us that compels us toward creating a magnificent work or which will lead us to the calamity of wasted opportunity.

Whichever it is shaped by you to be, your life’s work will be hung in a great hall of Record for all to see, displayed as the embodiment of your character and those principles by which you lived and for which Your life stood.  Your career is on exhibit to the world as a measure of your contribution to society and serves as a full accounting of what you have done with the talents given you, the opportunities afforded you, the investments you have made in the ongoing improvement of your team and the development of others, how you have refined and nurtured your gifts with grit, and the returns you have gotten from them.

In a very real sense, you will get a final report card!

One of the saddest things in business life is the spectacle of seeing someone who has squandered their chances, wasted opportunities, and then, in the last moments, awakens to the clarity the larger portion of their powers have never been employed in the development of their ideal career.  They see clearly their almost finished race, which could have been formed into a real masterpiece, has been battered into a heap of junk or made a messy crumble of a craft.

Wake up..!  It is a one and done opportunity given you to build a great career, and it is never too late to refresh if you haven’t yet delivered the performance you and those around you were hoping for….. In 2020, what kind of career will you make for yourself?  How will you be regarded by the world?  Will people respect and admire you, or will you be pitied or even despised?  Whether you win the approval or condemnation of your friends, contemporaries, competitors and colleagues all lies in your own hands.

Never matter your circumstances, there is not a power on earth that can keep you from crafting superb character, an indomitable spirit, and a masterfully built career.  Some seem to think they are under no obligation to make their professional portfolio as complete and successful as possible.  But that is precisely what we are placed on this earth for – to create a magnum opus, not a minimus (anything of the smallest possible size).

We are here to make a mark, not to leave a stain.  None of us can evade this responsibility.  It is an inescapable obligation we all must bear the strain of if we are to be true to ourselves and others who depend on us.  We were all sent here to deliver our purpose to the world.   It is our business to do great things and honor that purpose, not to distort or bring shame to it.

Your magnum opus is the work of your career.  It is becoming a superior form of yourself and delivering the grandest achievement of which you are capable.  Your magnum opus is much too important to be left to chance, and that is why intentional thinking and disciplined action are critical to achieving your life’s work.  Be deliberate about your daily contributions and the positive impact you were brought here to deliver.

What follows are nine rock solid ways or reasons you must focus on making your career a masterpiece.  We at Cerca Talent+ hope, on this day we approach a new year, they may inspire you to think deeply about the reason for Your existence, the enduring examples you set, and the final message your career will represent — Your magnum opus.


  1. Making your career a masterpiece calls for answers to a series of crucial questions. Try to avoid them at your own peril.  Eventually, a light will be shined into your life that you cannot avoid. 

Why am I here…?  What will I stand for…?  What do I want to do with this one life?  Why do I work where I do today?  How can I meaningfully contribute more?  What will I leave behind?  What example am I setting? 

Record the answers to these questions today.  Do not delay.

  1. A masterpiece is comprised of two things – the means and the ends. Defining what you want your career to be will make it clear to you how to act and remove any conflict between what you want and how you go about attaining it.  In other words, honesty, responsiveness, courtesy, integrity, and respect go a long way in making your career a masterpiece.  Bending the truth, stealing, cheating and bullying make for disgrace.

You must realize, today, the way you live and work – the means – will have a massive effect on how you will Be remembered – the ends.  How on earth can the ends be respected if the means would make most hang their heads in shame.

  1. Choosing to make your career a masterpiece brings clarity to your daily decisions.  Once you make the choice to craft your career into a masterpiece, there will be a number of great byproducts.  One of those will be real clarity around daily actions.  Your magnum opus impresses upon you the necessity for clearly defined goals, for the fulfillment of your commitments, for the honoring of your intentions, and for following through and following up on all of the promises made to yourself and others.
  1. Making your career a masterpiece sets an enduring example for future generations. Your career becomes immortal in the memory of it.  So, take a long view of the impact of your legacy on the next   Your career – the  behaviors you  exhibit and the principles you uphold – will continue to endure in some way and will be evidenced in the lives of others who work alongside or for you.. Consider what you are modeling, and make it a great and enduring gift.
  1. Making your career a masterpiece demonstrates your contribution to society. The impact of your career will be measured with two metrics:  Is the world made qualitatively different because of Your work?  What is the specific contribution you make in that change? By focusing on making your career a masterpiece, you are focused in virtuous actions, worthwhile behaviors and positively impacting those around you.
  1. Making your career a masterpiece gives you great reason for living Well.  By focusing your energies on making lasting contributions, you give your career resounding meaning.  By arriving at a point in time you seriously consider making your career a magnum opus, you display a level of maturity and commitment that represents an eye for something much more than self.
  1. Making your career a masterpiece provides an intellectual and emotional challenge. There is nothing quite like a good old fashion challenge for stretching and shaping us.  Building a magnum opus requires you reflect deeply upon your life and consider its significance.  As you build your masterpiece, you begin to see each day as an important lesson, you pay stricter attention to the quality and quantity of your contributions, and you measure honestly the impact those contributions are having on the world.
  1. Making your career a masterpiece empowers and informs your decision making. With clarity, you begin to see that each choice you make brings you closer to or moves you further away from Your magnum opus.  Therefore, choosing to make a masterpiece of your career requires you live in the present while accepting the knowledge your behaviors today determine whether you will be remembered well when you are gone.
  1. Making your career a masterpiece puts an exclamation point on the story! This magnum opus you will build will Be Your self portrait.  Make it a work of art.  Know that each day you are given a canvas on which to paint your innermost dreams and bring them into reality.  Make them Big.  As Mark Batterson says in Chase the Lion, if your Dreams don’t scare you, they are too small.

You only will build one career, no matter the tangents it may take, and that one is enough when done right.  We at CecaTalent+ can help you focus on making your career, and each day in it, a masterpiece. 

We help leaders build teams filled with the kinds of talented professionals that will make your mission a magnum opus.  If you are a leader looking to expand your team with professionals who are focused on delivering work in which they take pride, and you can be proud of, every day, then we would be privileged to help you in the process. 

Having been pros ourselves in the fields where we focus, we know the ins and outs of the companies, the business and the customers seeking only A+ Players.  Partner with the group that can talk shop and gain rapport with the pros who will lead your business into the future.  Just email me today at srivers@cercatalent.com, and we will begin the process of finding you phenoms that help you make your company a masterpiece.


 Adapted from the works of Gary Ryan Blair