10+ Diagnostic Metrics to Run on Recrutiinf and Talent Acquisition

10+ Metrics to Run Diagnostics on Your Recruiting Before Fourth Quarter

What do you use to measure success, improve process and keep score when recruiting great people to your team?

While there has been little consensus to date around standard definitions, frameworks, roles, processes, and fair measurements of the sourcing function, the Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals (ATAP) released its first measurement standards in the fall of 2018. Their set of four metrics for Sourcing was developed through in depth research to establish a standard for measuring sourcing functions and individual sourcing professionals across the Talent Acquisition field.

The four metrics they selected are:

  1. Submittal to Business Acceptance
  2. Time to Submit
  3. Pipeline Conversion
  4. Sourcing Satisfaction Score

At CercaTalent+, we suggest:

  1. Candidate Quality Ratio
  2. Time to Fill
  3. Candidate Sourcing Time
  4. Candidate Processing Time
  5. Quality of Hire
  6. Cost of Hire

In addition, what standards of ethical operation do you promote among you staff and expect from recruiters who serve alongside you? ATAP suggests these:

Maintain an active commitment to professional development and remain knowledgeable about current regulations, trends and tools relevant to the recruiting process to provide the highest quality of service possible to all parties involved in each engagement.
Serve as a strategic and vocal advocate for workforce diversity and inclusive work environments throughout each recruiting process.
Honor the trust placed in me when provided access to sensitive information including secure storage and ethical disclosure.
Treat all parties connected to a recruiting engagement with integrity and honesty by setting clear expectations, sharing information to which key stakeholders are rightfully entitled and revealing all conflicts of interest.
Proactively create, improve upon, and share resources, education, and learning opportunities with other practitioners.

At CercaTalent+, we are focused on upholding the highest ideals and drive hard to surpass any standards set using performance metrics. We are confident we will Exceed Expectations as we work to ensure your team is enhanced with the best possible talent available today.

If you are ready to grow or simply are seeking advice on mentoring your team, we stand at the ready. Contact our managing partner, Scott Rovers, today: srivers@cercatalent.com.